Is Metta Practical?

How is Metta useful in our modern society?

Find out the practicality of metta in our daily life

Metta meditation is actually a survival skill for forest-dwelling monks and nuns. This is because they spent their time in dense forests where wild animals roam. For example, wild elephants, tigers, snakes, etc.

Animals tend to attack when they felt threatened. Thus, metta meditation helps protect the monks and nuns because wild animals do not feel threats from a successful metta practitioner. However, please do not try this on your own or expose yourselves to dangerous animals.

But we do not dwell in forests, how is metta useful?

While we do not dwell in natural forests, we dwell in concrete jungles; and we have to deal with people. When we practice Metta in our minds, people will tend to let their guard down when they interact with us. This helps to improve our interaction and relationships in general.

Furthermore, a good practitioner can also positively influence the vibe of a place. That is why some people reported a sense of wellness in the presence of great practitioners.