Love conquers hate

using our love to heal our feelings of hatred

Love conquers hate—using our love to heal our feelings of hatred.

All love and hate affairs originated from our own minds. I thoroughly examined my feelings toward my husband. My initial love for him turned into hatred at the start of our marriage. But luckily my grudges and hateful feelings were subsequently healed and transformed through generating thoughts of loving-kindness.

I’m really grateful to be guided by the teachings of the Buddha and having met many compassionate Buddhist teachers in sharing their teachings with me. Otherwise, my hatred towards my husband would remain—nothing would help reduce that bitterness—not even a divorce. We fought badly during the first few years of our marriage. Divorce was not considered since our children were young. I found myself crying in despair all the time.

Having encountered the teachings of the Buddha, I began to practice patience and forgiveness. I learned to be mindful of my negative emotions and behaviors, placing myself in another persons’ shoes, being open to different opinions, loving myself and others, and expressing my love and care to all. I began to feel that my mind is gentler and softer, my love is expanding. Now I feel that I am in love with my husband again, yet this time, the love is “higher” and non discriminative.

--Shared by Droma Lhachö January 19, 2023