A small ray of light in times of the war

Metta in action

Two Scotsmen have founded a trust (Siobhan Trust).

They drive with volunteers refrigerated trucks filled with donated frozen pizzas and food trucks equipped with several pizza ovens into Ukraine to Kharkiv, Odesa, Izium, Mykolaiv and many small towns and villages in the east of the country near the front line. These are areas where the other larger charitable organizations are not allowed to go. The people there live in very limited conditions, often have no water, gas or electricity. The aid workers bring pizza, fruit, chocolate, a hot drink, music and something for the children to play with. The residents in this areas, often old and sick people who can no longer and no longer want to leave their homes, are extremely grateful for this and are always happy to stand in line in front of the food trucks to bring some of the pizza to their neighbors who are no longer so mobile. The Scots, recognizable by their traditional kilts, sing and dance with those waiting poeple and play with the children. What a beautiful action that warms my heart!

--Shared by Anonymous January 26, 2023